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Vinicza family

viniczaietterem.hu Viniczai's Restaurant & Bar - name required! Ever since the birth register was kept, from the 1700s, the Viniczai family has been found in this area. György Viniczai, a confectioner and gingerbread maker, opened his shop in 1921 on Kossuth Street. He is our great-grandfather.

viniczaietterem.hu Sütemény és fagylalt, a háború előtt és most is. Our grandfather, László Viniczai (1926-2014), an honorary citizen of our city, ran his beloved confectionery on Budai út until the day of his death, which he opened in 1956. His sons, László and György, inherited recipes, love for the profession and humility.

Not only family recipes are inherited in our family, but also first names: György and László. Our uncle, László Viniczai, runs the confectionery on Erzsébet út, where his son László and our sister, Vera Viniczai, make the most delicious cakes, pies and ice cream.

viniczaietterem.hu Here at the VINICZAI’S Restaurant & Bar we are waiting for you with dishes prepared by master chef GYÖRGY VINICZAI! The greatest success of our work is the satisfied, satisfied guest.

New restaurant run by the old Fehérvár family

The Viniczai family has been serving Hospitality in Fehérvár for almost 100 years. His great-grandfather, György Viniczai, opened a gingerbread and pastry shop in 1922 on Kossuth Street. Every one in Fehérvár remembers the lines that line up in front of the small shop of his grandfather, László Viniczai, on Budai út, there is no one who has no memory of his own brewed ice cream, which is still made according to the old family recipe. Love and humility for the profession is inherited in the family. The confectioner, cook, serving profession plays a role in the lives of all of them one way or another. Looking at the roots of the family tree, they have now paddled into new waters - restaurant hospitality. This is also for the residents of the city, who associate ice cream and cake with the name Viniczai, and it is both a novelty and a challenge for the family. The youngest, Viniczai, György has been gaining experience for 18 years - investing time in several countries and investing in the mysteries of the profession of chef and confectioner. This is how he achieved a level of quality as a chef like his predecessors in the confectionery industry.

“We want to represent this usual constant quality in both our restaurant and our food,” says Rita Viniczai, head of one of the city’s newest restaurants. - What we stand for: humble treatment of raw materials and an unconditional love of the profession. We love people and we are happy that our guests leave us satisfied, satisfied and smiling, says the store manager.

On the first menu, an offer based on Hungarian dishes was compiled. - Hungarians should not be interpreted as "gulash" or "stewed-nokedli", but in terms of the ingredients that have been emphasized in recent decades in terms of Hungarians' eating culture, and what kind of food from these ingredients corresponds to today's technologies and trends. we can display what. We can also call ourselves a fusion kitchen, which means new food creations created as a combination of kitchen-technical processes and ingredients from classic-regional and national cuisines.

The restaurant currently consists of three parts: on the ground floor with 7 tables to serve 14-20 people, the large hall upstairs can accommodate groups of up to 40 people. In the private room, a group of 25 people can have fun and celebrate separately. The garden can accommodate 32 people.

forrás: turizmus.szekesfehervar.hu

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