György Viniczai

Master chef
Our master chef György Viniczai will personally take care of the food on your plate. The Viniczai family has been serving Hospitality in Fehérvár for almost 100 years. The great-grandfather, György Viniczai, opened his first store in 1922 on Kossuth Street.
Viniczai György

In the VINICZAI’S Restaurant & Bar, master chef György Viniczai
We are waiting for you with dishes prepared by.

Matured RibEye steak

with english bacon and beans

Matured RibEye steak with English bacon and beans and rose pepper butter.

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Duck liver coral

with raspberry cream and spicy mangoes

Duck liver coral with raspberry cream, spicy mangoes, sesame crisp.

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thyme lamb ridge

Keleméri thyme lamb ridge in olive berry crumbs, parmesan puliska souffle, fragrant mushrooms, red wine lamb reduction.

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Baby chicken

Gödöllői style

Baby chicken in Gödöllő style, with grilled fattened duck liver and cockroach.

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In a frying pan

Salmon steak

Pan-fried salmon steak with ginger-shelled sugar peas, sweet soy and coriander Thai curry yogurt.

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